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Further office buildings


Ground floor72+72 sqm
1st floor0 sqm
2nd floor13,88 sqm
3rd floor13,4+13,37+27,54+341,33 sqm
Total554,52 sqm


Ground floor720,08 sqm
1st floor721,06 sqm
2nd floor744,19 sqm
3rd floor744,19 sqm
4th floor744,19 sqm
5th floor744,19 sqm
6th floor744,19 sqm
7th floor744,19 sqm
8th floor370,99 sqm
Total6277,27 sqm


Ground floor60 sqm
1st floor171,67 sqm
2nd floor531,06+549,19 sqm
3rd floor590,86+517,87 sqm
4th floor371,95 sqm
5th floor0 sqm
6th floor0 sqm
Total2792,6 sqm